Starting Whole 30


Well I decided at the beginning of the year, as always, that I’m going to get back to clean eating.  Although this time I decided to take it one step further.  I was going to do Whole 30.  Well a modified version, because I’m going to continue to use Shakeology.  You aren’t supposed to use any shakes, but this has always been something that is good for my body. Everything else though I’m sticking with the plan.

Basic guidelines are that you can eat meat, seafood, egg, vegetables, fruit and natural fats.

You can NOT eat sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, or dairy.

I love cheese. I could add it to everything so this will be hard not to have it for a whole 30 days.  And sugar too. I usually don’t crave sugar but the last few weeks I’ve been eating dessert, candy, and sweet tea since moving to Texas.


I’ve fallen off track the last few months and let work and stress get in the way. But I really want to do this to start healthy habits again as well as help me with my cholesterol, anemia, low iron, and fatigue to name a few.  I’ve also gained about 15 pounds since August so looking to drop some weight too with the healthy change.


I’m also doing a workout program along with this,  Core De Force.  Looking forward my results at the end of 30 days!


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