Life By Design

Are you a certified health coach or personal trainer and don’t know how to get your own business going? Or is becoming a coach or motivator something you are interested in and don’t know how to get started?

There are so many different ideas you can do now a days to live your own life but sometimes it’s hard when you don’t know where to begin.


I’ve been there and have had so many ideas of what I want to do (and still do) and have found something that I can add to my Health Coaching business. With all these great companies out there, I aligned more with Beachbody than anything. I love the whole health and fitness aspect it brings to the table as well as so many great products that I love that I can share with my clients.


Without always having to come up with my ideas, I can guide my clients to whichever program we feel would fit them best and help coach along with the meal plans that the trainers have come up with. So much less stress than always trying to come up with them on your own. I do however have some of my own as I follow a mostly paleo meal plan so I like to incorporate that in some of my groups to help others that might be struggling with some inflammation.  That’s where my experience comes in from my certifications that I have received along the way. I like to have something else I can offer people when they come into my bootcamps each month.

When it comes to nutrition, Shakeology is amazing hands down. Now I know a lot of people are like “I don’t want to drink or promote shakes” etc BUT this is more of a superfood shake. Filled with dense nutrition, pro-biotics and more. It’s seriously a no brainer when it comes to helping people on their journey. It’s great to be able to offer something to your clients/customers to help get them going when they are not eating a healthy diet. Why not offer them something they can have when they wake up that will give them their daily dose of dense nutrition instead of heading to the doughnut shop before work?


If you are interested in how you can add this to your business or even just start with this if you want to create a life of your own and love health and fitness, fill out the form below and I’ll reach out to see if this would be a great fit for you!



Life by design