My Journey to Fit

The last few months, well year actually, has probably been my hardest yet.  Been dealing with anxiety, depression, weight gain, stress, etc.  For some reason I just let life get the best of me.  Part of it, my passion for health and fitness, felt like it has been put on hold with my current life in the restaurant business. If anyone works in it, you know how exhausting and demanding it can get. It’s really a mindset game at this point to get me where I want to go, without feeling so overwhelmed.

I’m currently finishing up Precision Nutrition and a NASM certification and just recently became an affiliate with Camp Gladiator where I’ll eventually be leading my own outdoor bootcamps. Something I’ve always wanted to do. Fitness and Nutrition has always been a passion, but last year I found myself getting less involved, so I’ve made it a commitment to get back to it so I can help others live their healthiest lives.  I’ve received my Health Coach Certification through Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as Primal Health Coach Institute. I’m currently working on launching some programs in the near future.

With all that, I’m making a commitment to myself as well to eating to fuel my body and finish a workout program I’ve been dabbling with for awhile.  This program is a 4 day a week program, lifting and HIIT.  I’ll be working on flexible eating while being able to explore some new places I’ve wanted to check out in Texas.

Been working on my meal plan for next week and looking forward to eating to fuel my body again so stay tuned! If you are on instagram, you can follow my journey @fitwithkris

If anyone else is going through a funk or looking to change their life and try something new to get back on track, I’d love for you to join me! I’ll add a form below so I can reach out to you.



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