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Finally checked out Magnolia Table in Waco Texas.  Went to visit on a Saturday with some friends. We already knew there was going to be a wait considering it’s Chip and Joanna’s restaurant and of course it was a weekend. They are closed Sundays and I’m so glad we looked because we were planning on driving up from Austin then.  The trip only took about an hour and fifteen minutes from North Austin.

This place is very organized when it comes to the wait. You get in line, which was pretty long already at 10:30 am, to get on the list. They do text paging and even give you a link to see where you are at in line which was pretty cool. They explain thoroughly how it works which I appreciate working in the restaurant business because I can’t tell you how many times people don’t pay attention to the wait time. We were told our wait was 2 hours and 15 min for 3 of us. We had 158 people ahead of us and of course we were already hungry. They tell you to make sure you are near when it gets down to 40 names because there’s no way to tell how quick it’ll drop then and you only have 7 min to claim your table. We decided to hang around the restaurant instead of going to The Silos first. We were hoping since it was so hot people would drop off the list or not claim their tables in time. But that didn’t happen and next time we will check out The Silos while we wait.

They have plenty of seating while you wait. Shaded areas, sunny areas, little tables, benches, you name it. Super cute place! We ended up getting some iced coffee and a muffin while we waited.  The little shop was in the front of the restaurant. They had blueberry muffins that day and omg they were so good! Definitely a perfect treat while you wait.  In the back of the restaurant, just outside, was a Take Away area where you could purchase cute little gifts or even some treats. We sampled the chicken salad and that was to die for.


At one point during our wait we stepped inside to the cool air. We noticed this lady walking around talking to people. And yes we hoped we would see Chip or Jo during our visit but we knew it probably wouldn’t happen. Maybe one day. But as this lady came closer, we realized, that’s Jo’s mom! And sure enough she came by to say Hi real quick and ask where we were from. Her name tag even said “Jo’s Mom”. How cute! We should have taken a pic! And then off she went to talk to more guests!

The staff there were very friendly as well. We watched them multiple times bring out cups of water to the guests waiting in the hot sun as well. They all had smiles on their faces and looked like they enjoyed being there.

As we kept looking at our spot in line, it was slowly going down. At one point it did say we had 5 min but we still had about 40 names in front of us.  We were already prepared to wait and weren’t going anywhere but we were sure getting hungry.

We finally sat about 3 hours later. We already knew what we wanted so we placed our order right away. We all started off with juices which were very refreshing. I really wanted to try the fresh face but they were out so I got the Fresh Start (grapefruit, orange, lemon and red apple)


The food finally came and we all dug in. I ordered the Farm Breakfast. It came with eggs, biscuits, homemade tater tots with the house sausage. I really wanted to try the biscuits and gravy so I ordered a side of gravy with mine. The portions were a great size and all that food was only $14. I honestly thought it would be more and that was one of the most expensive items. Next time I want to try the pancakes and strawberry butter for the biscuits.

I would definitely recommend going to check out Magnolia Table. Next time I will go early on a weekday though to avoid the longer wait time. They do open at 6 am and close at 3 pm but will stop taking names if the wait time comes close to seating at 3 pm so get there early! Check out the website here for more info on the restaurant! Most of the reviews on Yelp are good, except people talking about the wait. But it’s Chip and Joanna, there will be a wait so be prepared!


After we ate we went to check out The Silos and did some quick shopping. It was pretty hot so we didn’t want to walk around too much after we ate and shopped. If you don’t have a chance to hit up the restaurant, there are plenty of food trucks at The Silos. One truck even had a full small watermelon drink with a straw in it that looked so refreshing. I was too full to get anything else so I’ll have to try it next time! They did have a shuttle from the restaurant to The Silos but you’ll have to check the website to see where the pick up and drop off is. Have you been to The Silos or Magnolia Table? Let me know below in the comments!


Front of the store

Seed shop. Such a cute area!

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