3 reasons you are not making progress

Do you constantly feel stuck in your fitness journey and have tried everything out there and nothing seems to work? 


Here are some of the top reasons that might be preventing you from making progress:


  1. You are not eating enough 

This may sound weird BUT many people under eat which could slow down your metabolism  if you aren’t bringing in enough calories.


  1. You are not drinking enough water

Staying hydrated is so important. Water helps with digestion, which helps with metabolism, which then in turn helps burn calories at a higher rate. Also being dehydrated can also affect your energy leaving you feeling fatigued.


  1. You are always stressed

If you are constantly stressed out, that could lead to elevated levels of cortisol.  Stress could also cause you to seek comfort in unhealthy food choices. Stress can also affect your digestion as well.


If you are looking to get out of feeling stuck and get back on track with healthy habits and proper nutrition and live a more sustainable life, I would love to help. You can reach out to me on Instagram here. If you are ready to invest in yourself and work with me 1 : 1, fill out my coaching app and I’ll be in touch!


-Coach Kris

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